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Malaysia Sea Sports - Tanjung Resang - Tioman
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Tanjung Resang

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The Tanjung Resang-Rompin-Penyabong area is renown by anglers, local and foreign alike, for their fun and trophy fish. The fish still occur in abundance here because angling has not yet taken off on any sort of scale in Malaysia. What's more, most fish you catch here are excellent table fish too.

When you go out chasing fish in these waters, expect to catch mackerel, dorado, barracuda, tuna, golden trevally, wahoo, sharks, queenfish, cobia, snapper and various types of grouper, along with other exciting pelagics and bottom dwellers.

Best of all, apart from these more ubiquitous species, the Rompin area, which is a short boat drive away, also has plenty of sailfish and even marlin opportunities!

Our boat is equipped for a wide range of fishing outings. And our boatman will have you in the thick of the action in a hurry.

With deep-sea angling in Malaysia still in its infancy, opportunities to land that big one are real. Whether you're a serious angler or just a fun weekend fisherman, Malaysia's East Coast offers lots of fun and lots of good eating.

See our special angling package for details.


With the countless still untouched small rivers and streams, the Tanjung Resang area is ideal for fly-fishing too. Toman, various carp species and catfish for instance, are targeted here with great relish. The way to catch these is to cast your fly exactly under overhanging trees or next to fallen logs. It's a sure-fire way to entice the coiled-as-a-spring predators from their dark den. The strike is usually explosive, the ensuing runs absolutely mind-blowing.

Sure, we lose a fly every now and again to our quarry and the terrain, but it' the price to pay for making the best memories a few dollars can buy.


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Catch of the day!
Catch of the day!

This sailfish put up a major fight
This sailfish put up a major fight

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Take your pick

Rock fishing at dawn
Rock fishing at dawn

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Malaysia Sea Sports is Official Partner of Agoda and Booking.com
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