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Malaysia Sea Sports - Tanjung Resang - Tioman
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Tanjung Resang

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ferry to tioman reservations




The most common way to get to the sunny isle of Tioman, is by ferry. Fortunately, the operating ferries are fast, efficient, comfortable and fully air-conditioned. What's more, you can now have peace of mind that you will have your seats for your Tioman trip by booking your tickets here and now.


Tickets are USD25 each for a roundtrip from Mersing - Tioman - Mersing.
(Lower rates apply if you book 20 or more tickets.)

Book your ferry to Tioman now!

After payment is confirmed, your tickets will be waiting for you at our Mersing ferry counter (number 2) next to the ferry departure jetty. All you need to do is show your receipt.

Note that group bookings are offered too. In fact, if you have 40 pax or more, we may well be able to arrange for a departure time that suits your personal preference.

Make sure you don't doze off during the crossing to Tioman though, because you may miss seeing the flying fish that glide above the waves now and then. In fact, speaking of marine life, pods of frolicking dolphins too are spotted regularly.

In any case, we'll have you sunning on your Tioman beach lounge in just over an hour. Best of all, you can relax and be sure that we have your seats reserved for you.

Tips and suggestions

A. There are several rather good food stalls near the departure jetty. By all means try the dishes offered there, because they're well worth it. By the way, Tioman souvenirs of all shapes, types and sizes can be bought in the area behind these food stalls.

B. Before your departure to Tioman, you'll be asked to pay 30 Ringgit conservation fee by the authorities. Please note that these funds collected go towards maintaining the Tioman marine environment, the flora and fauna. You'll be issued a receipt in return.

C. The actual ferry departure times are not always exactly adhered to. In more cases than not, this is due to the tides, i.e. the water depth around the mouth of the Mersing River and in particular the channel the ferries take out to sea. Just take these occasional delays in your stride, as they really cannot be helped.

D. Bring an extra t-shirt with you on the ferry, because sometimes the air-con setting is quite high and quickly lowers the temperature of the ferry cabin to a chilly level.

E. Please make sure you know at which "kampong" your resort is located and remember the name of your kampong. Kampong means village in Malay and it's these villages that are announced when you reach Tioman.

This is the order of the stops on your way to Tioman:

1. Kapong Genting
2. Kampong Paya (Don't mistake "Paya" for "Berjaya", which is in Tekek)
3. Kampong Tekek
4. Kampong Air Batang (Also known as "ABC")
x. Panuba Jetty (If there are guests staying here)
5. Kampong Salang

Simply reverse the order on your way back to Mersing.

Book your ferry to Tioman here!

Have a great trip!


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Book your Tioman ferry online
New ferries whiz you to Tioman in no time

Book your Tioman ferry online
Comfortable climate-controlled interiors

Book your Tioman ferry online
Separate cabins for families are offered too

 Submit siteFact-file: Tanjung Resang has two main seasons: The mildly breezy SW monsoon (April-November) and the very windy NE monsoon (November March).   Next fact  »  

Book your bus tickets hereBook your hotel or resort room online now
Malaysia Sea Sports is Official Partner of Agoda and Booking.com
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