Sunset cruise love is in the air
Sunset cruise love is in the air

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime hour sailing cruise along the west coast of Tioman island while the sun slowly sets on another day in paradise.

We'll set sail at 6:00pm and return at 9:00pm.

Refreshing beverages of all kinds will be on offer during your cruise.

Sailing pristine Tioman waters, the ultimate dream
Sailing pristine Tioman waters at sunset,
the ultimate dream

Enjoy the gorgeous island vistas aboard our gently swaying vessel, whilst relishing the fresh evening breeze and the company of your family or friends. This cruise will be a memory they'll never forget.

Your spirits are up when the sun goes down
Your spirits are up when the sun goes down

If you'd like to go for a scuba dive, a dusk dive is also available at Renggis Island for an extra $ 75,- SGD for qualified divers and $ 100,- SGD for first time divers. Brightly colored corals, fish of all shapes and sizes and even a resident turtle are all on offer at Renggis.

Minimum of four people required per excursion.

Cost: SGD $ 200,- SGD per person.

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