Some might think that snorkeling is something to entertain the kids or those just looking to splash about in the shallows. In fact, our snorkeling trips are nothing short of spectacular outings for the young and the young at heart, for snorkeling newbies and experienced divers alike.

From happy hikers...
From happy hikers...

We're sure that your trip to the pristine volcanic chain of pearly islands off our coast is the first thing you'll be telling your friends about the moment you arrive back home.

Come hobnob with nature

The coral reefs that we take you to aren't only untouched and uniquely beautiful, but they're also the most exclusive in the area. The reason for this is that they are off the beaten track and somewhat of a little secret that we treasure. In all cases we've been to these favorite spots, we were the only boat there.

Our snorkeling excursions consist of an island-hopping boat-ride to several prime snorkeling locations. We'll take you and your friends or family from vibrant coral reef to vibrant coral reef, each turquoise-hued location more stunning than the previous. In fact, each of the reefs we visit has protected "marine park" status and is a well-deserving member of the World Atlas of Coral Reefs.

At our last stop, depending on the prevailing tides, you'll be able to drift weightlessly and effortlessly along the length of the entire patch of corals by the movement of the current alone. When you reach the end of the reef and you'd like to go back to see more fish and more corals, we'll simply take you back to the start for another "fly-by". happy snorkelers happy snorkelers. The Singapore Adventurous Group at a Malaysia Sea Sports Walk-about/Snorkeling Expedition

Underwater photographers keen to take snapshots of the flora and fauna in its natural state will be in awe by the great diversity of the marine wildlife here, both regular and macro. Best of all, since the water current gently floats you from one end of the reef to the other, there's no need to use your arms or legs for swimming, so there's no undue splashing or noise, which results in more creatures to see and more striking photographs.

If you'd like to have lunch on our canopy boat or on one of our paradise islands nearby, just let us know in advance, we'll make sure that we'll have plenty of goodies aboard so you can enjoy your meal as well as the memorable scenery surounding you.

By the way, if you're a little wary of open seas, you'll be pleased to hear that our snorkeling spots are sheltered from the open water and the elements, which means you'll always have peace of mind. Just one of the many reasons why Malaysia Sea Sports is the place to be.

Tioman's crystal clear water
Tioman's crystal clear water

Boat sets off for the islands at 9 am and we return to the mainland after 2 pm. Cost for our excusrsion is S$50 per person, including full use of snorkel equipment and personal buoyance device.

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