Would you like to have a delicious meal with your loved one or your family under a breezy shade-dappled tree? Or perhaps you and your loved one would like to dine on the beach with a roaring bonfire while the sun is slowly setting behind the horizon.

Private dinner, a night to remember
Private dinner, a night to remember

We invite you to join us for a meal to remember.

Choose your favorite dish from our menu filled with local specialties, or go for the fresh seafood barbecue spread that we collected from the fishing kampung Penyabong just minutes earlier. Seafood doesn't get any fresher than this.

Delicious lunch, ideal company, awesome view
Life's good...

For those in a hunter-gatherer mood, if you'd like to go out that afternoon to catch some fish, crabs or lobsters, let us know, because we have all the equipment you'll need to gather a simply scrumptious seafood feast.

Sharing a perfect Malaysia Sea Sport moment
Sharing a perfect Malaysia Sea Sport moment

While on the subject of food, don't forget to stock up on some of the freshly made kerupuk lekor. This soft and chewy type of kerupuk is an absolute treat for your tastebuds. Tip: take a few packets back home with you, your friends will be eternally grateful.

Malaysia, land of Beyh Royale
Malaysia, land of Beyh Royale

Another delicacy found only in Malaysia is Beyh Royale, a time-honoured non-alcoholic beverage that is patiently brewed according to a traditional recipe comprising various richly aromatic spices.

Beyh Royale was served as a welcome-drink to guests at the court of Johore Royalty during the 19th century.

Made with sweet scented cinnamon, cardamon, spicy cloves and star anise, citrusy kaffir lime and tropical pandan leaves, this once-lost treasure dates has recently been rediscovered and is now made available for your drinking pleasure.

Not only is Beyh Royale a uniquely-flavored beverage that you'll drink with relish, but its eminence and exclusive packaging also makes Beyh Royale an ideal gift for family and friends.

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