Peninsular Malaysia offers a prime tropical paradise that presents you with an opportunity to discover one of the world's newest game fishing destinations.

Malaysia Sea Sports
You know the angling is good when the fish are bigger than the angler

Endowed with a wide variety of marine and inland angling destinations, Malaysia hosts a plethora of fish species. Our tropical seas hold most of the main target species of tropical game fish including the dragsters of the sea, the Pacific Sailfish.

Malaysia Sea Sports
They're called "Sailfish" for a reason

In actual fact, Rompin is renowned for its consistent sailfish stocks. And as numerous blistered thumbs, smoking spools and shattered rods can attest, in our neck of the woods, the Sailfish is an absolutely awesome adversary.

Malaysia Sea Sports
Rompin Sailfish are formidable never-say-die fighters

So, are you aching for some sea angling that's truly second to none? Would you like to come face to face with the Mighty Sailfish? Have you always wanted to witness the Sailfish's cobalt-blue dorsal fin pyrotechnics? Or its sheer unbelievable swimming speed (estimated at 100 km/h)?

Malaysia Sea Sports
Over 30 kg worth of explosive muscle power

The sea around Rompin, just 30 minutes away, is considered Sailfish Alley. So join us on a Sailfish angling adventure that you'll be talking about for years to come.

Our Sailfish Extravaganza package includes:

- 2 full days fishing
- 3 nights accommodation
- All meals whilst on the boat
- Fishing guides
- Fishing tackle

You can expect to catch a number of sailfish at just over half an hour from shore. The angling will be done during the day. Nights we spend at basic but comfortable riverside chalets. If you'd like to add extra days, that's possible too, subject to availability of course.

Malaysia Sea Sports
An awesome catch - almost 50 kg!

Our waters are home to Tuna - Yellowfin, Bigeye and Dogtooth too. In addition, Wahoo, Giant Trevally, Cobia, Narrowbarred Mackerel, Dorado, Barracuda, Escolar, Rainbow Runner, Great Amberjack and big sharks add to the variety of game fish to be found off Rompin. So whatever your poison, tight lines are practically guaranteed*.

Malaysia Sea Sports
Another satisfied customer just before releasing the fish

Give us a ring or Whatsapp our hotline: +6014 822 7742 if you'd like to check our rates and/or availability.

Malaysia Sea Sports
This Sailfish put up a mighty fight
and was released to fight another day

*Note: Of course in fishing there are no real guarantees. Many factors need to be considered when it comes to angling for game fish at sea. In fact, even if all the required measures are taken to ensure a good trip there is still no known method to force a fish to bite. That said, we're confidant that excellent catches should prevail.

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