Once you've touched down in Malaysia, you need to find a suitable way of getting around. Fortunately, in Malaysia, the road network is great. There's a good bus and coach service, so long as you know where to look. But you can also get taxis to take you to places, because they're pretty cheap here.

By bus or coach

Booking your bus or coach can be done online for most places in Malaysia now. In fact, if you want to book your trip now, you can use below form. Just select your departure point and destination and then select the price and times that best match your trip.

Your booking can be paid in a number of ways and it's confirmed right away. It's that simple.

Enjoy up to 20% discount when you book online

As most buses go to Mersing just once per day, we recommend securing your bus tickets before your bus is fully booked. NOTE: Peak season is !
You can use above bus booking form for bus trips through Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Book a taxi

Nothing beats driving to your destination in a private vehicle. It's comfortable, convenient and you get to stop anywhere you want along the way, to try some Malay food, or perhaps grab a cup of tea. And the best part, taxis in Malaysia are real cheap compared to Europe, US and Australia. Have a look at the table to give you and idea of cost.

Safe Travel Corridor

Travelers from overseas may remain a little wary of Covid when going to a foreign land. With memories of the pandemic still in the back our mind, there's bound to be a certain amount of trepidation. It's understandable.

This is why our transport service comprises a thorough Covid regime. For starters, all our drivers have been fully vaccinated and boostered, as per the certified vaccination records that we pro-actively provide all our customers with.

Additionally, each vehicle is vacuumed and desinfected in between journeys and each vehicle contains a bottle of desinfectant at your disposal. Furthermore, since our drivers are aware of all the rest stops with high sanitation standards and a comprehensive Covid protocol, the substandard ones will be avoided at all cost. Safety above all.

Taxi from Singapore to Mersing Cost in Singapore Dollars

VehiclePax  1-way/
Car1-4250480430 + ferry tickets
MPV4-6280510460 + ferry tickets
Van6-10350650600 + ferry tickets

To book your taxi, or send an inquiry, just use the form below.

Rent a car

Now, if you're planning to stay in Malaysia for a while and you prefer doing your traveling and sight-seeing by car, or if you're looking to do an adventure road trip, then click here to find the lowest-cost car rental companies.

You can even decide to leave the car along the way and switch to a taxi for your next destination. Or just drop off your rental car in Mersing or Kuala Lumpur, or anywhere really, as these rental companies are ever so flex.

Happy driving!

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