Snorkeling at Tioman and/ or Pulau Seri Buat

Snorkeling off the Tioman islands is one of those free and easy things that anyone can do at the drop of a hat. You don't need a lot of gear: bulky tank, cumbersome regulator or heavy weightbelt. All you need is a dive mask and, optionally, swim fins. This makes snorkeling one of the most popular sea activities that we offer.

Coral Alley off Seri Buat is absolute snorkeling heaven
Satellite images of Seri Buat's
Coral Alley - absolute snorkeling heaven

Snorkeling is awesome, because it's simple and fun for everyone, from complete underwater newbies who've never snorkeled before, to hard-core scubadivers who just want to swim around the more accessible reefs with their family for a while, before going scubadiving around the deeper dive locations later on during their trip at Tioman.

Tioman's corals are some of the most brightly colored in Asia
Tioman's corals are some of the
most brightly colored corals in Asia

The minute you've donned your mask and peek below the surface of the water, you'll instantly be overwhelmed by the sense of tranquillity that envelopes you and the exotically-colored tropical fish that dart around the unique corals below you.

Plenty of time for lazing at the beach too
Plenty of time for lazing at the beach too

Tioman's coral gardens and marine fauna are truly in a class of their own. So don't be startled when you come fact to face with one of our resident barracudas, reef sharks or various sea turtles. They may look a little scary at first, but all our coral dwellers here are friendly. You may even hit the snorkeling jackpot and spot dolphins, a whale shark or a manta ray, because all of these drop in every now and again.

Wear a life-vest while snorkeling for extra bouyancy
Wear a life-vest while snorkeling for
extra buoyancy

Our snorkeling package includes:

- Ferry ride from Mersing to the islands and back to Mersing
- Twin sharing accommodation
- Full set of equipment
- 3 Days/2 Nights

Dates: Any given weekend
Price: SGD 250 p.p.

Price excludes:
- Transportation to and from Mersing
- Meals

***Accommodation is based on twin-sharing
***All activities are subject to weather conditions
*** All weekends starting from minimum 8 pax

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