The local setting is ideal for summer camp activities. If you're not sure how to get the kids through the seemingly endless summer holiday period in the concrete jungles of KL or Singapore, then what better way to make the days rush by in a back to back blur of fun and games than summer camp?

The thrill of mastering new skills
The thrill of mastering new skills

In fact, given our proximity to both the sea and the jungle, "adventure camp" would be a more suitable term. After all, we go beyond the more traditional activities such as basketball, tennis or handicraft and creative arts.

To be sure, at regular summer camp kids do get some decent, basic outdoor skills and they go on an overnight or two. But here in Tanjung Resang, wilderness-based as it is, kids not only get to spend more time in the outdoors, but things tend to be a bit more rigorous, more adventurous, than in a normal summer camp. In short, Malaysia Sea Sports provides a more active and more enriching experience.

Building a team-work frame of mind
Building a team-work frame of mind

Our activities include sailing, kayaking, flying fox, jungle trekking, snorkeling, island hopping and of course camping.

Our objective includes teaching kids outdoors skills and to challenge him or her with activities kids normally don't get the chance to do. Mastering these unfamiliar activities will assist the child to grow emotionally by building self-confidence through the accomplishment of challenges. Obviously, we also encourage building a sense of bonding and community with fellow campers.

Malaysia Sea Sports, not your ordinary summer camp
Malaysia Sea Sports, not your
ordinary summer camp

Malaysia Sea Sports. Not your ordinary summer camp.

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