Freediving has really been taking off around the world in the past year or so. The reason is simple, freedivers, experts and learners alike, realise how accessible it really is.

Freediving in Tioman
Freediving in Tioman

Freediving is a wonderful way of being one with nature, of being completely in tune with the underwater world, without requiring any of the heavy and cumbersome scuba equipment. Once you've felt the natural weightlessness of the nurturing sea and the ultimate serenity of the warm sheltered waters, you too will be hooked.

The thrill of freediving is unlike anything you've felt before
The thrill of freediving

Dive safely to 20, 30 meters or more on a single breath of air. Stay underwater for minutes at a time. Freediving is a beautiful meditative sport to safely push your limits, and understand your body and mind.

Freediving, free as a fish
Freediving, free as a fish

Freediving is a sport with a long traditional history, and an exciting cutting-edge present. Advances in training and techniques over the past several years have led to new records being set regularly. World-class freedivers now routinely exceed depths and breath-hold times that, just a decade ago, medical professionals had assumed to be the human maximum.

Close encounters of the freediving kind
Close encounters of the freediving kind

Learn some of these techniques to enhance your breath hold time and depth, and keep you safe while you're in the water. Ideal for your next snorkeling or spearfishing adventure, or for a no-tanks session on a scuba trip. Freediving training also makes you less of a gas-guzzler in scuba, prolonging your dive-time.

Pre-freedive briefing to ensure all safety aspects are covered
Pre-freedive briefing

A four-lesson course covers:

* Methods for breathing up, doing warmups, and stretching
* Some basic theory of the physiology of freediving
* Very important safety habits; techniques to keep your buddy safe; basic rescue
* Static breath holds: packing, hook breathing, negative drills and other techniques
* Dynamic: Form and technique in swimming for distance on a single breath.
* Evaluation to improve techniques and build up your skill, comfort and safety

Whether you're already an accomplished freediver or you'd like to learn how to be thrilled by all that life below the water surface on one lung-full of air, get in touch with us. We'll have you holding your breath in our crystal-clear water before you know it.

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