If you're the type of sailor that prefers to do it standing up, you're in luck, because here, friendly breees blow just about through-out the year. In fact, until February/March, the Malaysian East Coast gets battered daily by strong North-easterly winds of up to 20 knots or more, as well as swell and surf that can reach 3 meters during peak conditions. Not exacly Hookipa sure, but hey, where can you get this kind of action at just a stone's throw from Singapore?

Winds averaging over 18 knots
Winds averaging over 18 knots

We have a wide range of windsurf boards, from stable learner boards to sleeker intermediate designs, whatever meet your fancy. And we have smaller gear for your little 'uns too.

Selecting our weapon of choice
Selecting our weapon of choice

Windsurfing zealots, especially wavers, but slalom speedsters too, flock here from far and wide during these NE months to enjoy these strong nor'easterlies and choppy seas.

Wicked cross on-shore winds make for a thrill-a-minute slalom sessions
Wicked cross on-shore winds

If you too would like to try out our challenging conditions, come and give Malaysia Sea Sports a go. Nothing beats a hard days' blasting and dueling with the waves. And when you're done, you'll find our accommodation comfortable and affordable too.

Wave-gear too will come to good use when the swell is up
Wave-gear too will come to good use

We have a number of bays to choose from, so you can adjust the angle of the wind to suit your style. Onshore means it's side-on at our next bay and almost side-shore one bay further down. Whatever meets your fancy, just let her rip!

Duking it out with the waves
Duking it out with the waves

Now, if you've been contemplating learning how to kite-surf, then contemplate no more. Check yourself in for one of the most oft-booked courses that we offer, our kitesurfing clinics.

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