Not many areas offer scubadiving locations as breath-taking as at Malaysia Sea Sports. From Tioman (named one of the world's top 10 most beautiful island by Time Magazine) and its sister islands Dayang and Aur, to the relatively unknown yet idyllic islands of Simbilang and World atlas of Coral Reefs member Seri Buat, Malaysia Sea Sports boasts dozens of unique dive locations that will leave you speechless.

Go for safe and fun scubadiving, go for the buddy system
Go for safe and fun scubadiving,
go for the buddy system

You'll find stunning underwater vistas inhabited by a rich variety of marine life, large and small. If you like coral, you've come to the right place. And if you're keen to spot whale sharks and manta rays, these waters have them, along with large turtles and other oceanic fauna that migrate along the Malaysian East Coast.

Migrating Manta Rays are spotted fequently here
Migrating Manta Rays are spotted
frequently here

You'll also love the neon hues of the ubiquitous parrot fish, butterfly fish, Napoleon fish and darting silver snappers. And what's not to like about Nemo the cheeky clownfish? You'll find that it too is a regular in our waters.

Another successful Open Water certification
Another successful Open Water certification

Day trip or live-aboard? There's no need to choose, because we offer both types of expeditions.

Interested in a private scuba trip where it's just you and your private dive-master? We offer private one-to-one diving expeditions too.

Come and relish pristine white-sand beaches that look like world's end. Experience calm, clear water and the unique coral reefs of Tioman. Become a fully-fledged qualified PADI Open Water scuba diver for just S$595 all-in, including the ferry to Tioman and your chalet! Click here to order.

For more information, call or Whatsapp our hotline: +6014 822 7742.

Another happy group certified to scuba dive by Malaysia Sea Sports and PADI
Happy group certified to scubadive
by Malaysia Sea Sports

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