If you're on your way and you have room to take a surf-board, by all means do. The North-east Monsoon that hammers the Philippines, China, Hong Kong and Vietnam with typhoons each year from October/December to February also generates a relentless ground swell along the long stretch of beaches of the East Coast of Malaysia.

Exciting rides can be had in the shore-break
Exciting rides can be had in Tanjung
Resang's shore-break

So long as you don't expect perfect Endless Summer peelers, there's definitely some good shore-break and beach break surfing fun to be had at Malaysia Sea Sports, in particular during the NE monsoon.

Romantic surfers
Romantic surfers

Now, even though our surf reaches a good 2 meters or more, it's not the most powerful of surf, so best not bring your tiniest board. But that said, I've seen surfers come away from our beach with big smiles on their faces after scoring dozens of happening rides here.

Get your surf kick at Malaysia Sea Sports
Get your surf kick at Malaysia Sea Sports

Keep a look out for small craft warnings, which are in force for the coastal areas during most of the October/November to February/March months. This is when offshore swell can reach 5 meters or more, a time of surfing bounty along our beaches.

Wanna learn how to surf? Come on down. Even kids can do it!
Wanna learn to surf? Come on down. Even kids can do it!

So these North-east months (October-March) come on down. We might just be the quick surfing fix you were aching for. By the way, if you've always wanted to learn how to surf, then by all means swing by one fine weekend. We have big stable inflatable boards available for novice surfers, so you can learn the art of catching a wave without having to worry about falling in too much.

Surf's up!

***Please note: All surfing activities are subject to weather conditions.

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