Are you an advanced kiter wondering where to have your blast this year's holiday? Perhaps you're contemplating to go to Vietnam or Thailand? Before you book your tickets there, consider this: there's no need to travel so far.

Winds vary from less than 10 to 20+ knots so bring a decent kite quiver for maximum watertime
Bring a decent kite quiver for
maximum watertime

If it's consistent conditions you're after, steady 12-15 knots of cross-onshore winds, then head up to Tanjung Resang, Malaysia. We're barely a few hours's drive away from Singapore and KL.

Our huge open beach is your ideal kite launching pad
Our huge open beach is your
ideal kite launching pad

During the months of December, January, February and even March, the area gets walloped by consistent winds of up to 20 knots or more, the result of the North-east monsoon throwing its weight around over the South China Sea, before colliding head-on with the Peninsular Malaysia Eastern seaboard. Toss the wind-swept 2-3m breakers into the mix and you've got yourself a boiling cauldron that's just ideal for hours and hours of extreme maxxed-out kiteboarding.

Kite-surfing against a gorgeous backdrop. This is kite-surfing Malaysia Sea Sports!
Kitesurfing against a gorgeous backdrop

Kitesurfing courses

Wanna learn how to kite-surf? Whether you're 16 or 66, simply grab your kite of choice and pump-pump-pump it up.

Get stoked!
Get stoked!

Kitesurfing is one of the fastest growing sports world-wide. And that's no wonder, given the relatively easy learning-curve, the awesome air-time and the high-octane record-breaking speeds that kiters routinely attain.

Speed demonss getting his fix
Speed demonss getting his fix

Our officially IKO-certified kite-board instructors are not only pros at passing on their skills, but they never lose track of their number one priority: your safety. So go on, suit up and get some air!

Learning how to handle the trainer kite
Learning how to handle the trainer kite

See our special kite-surf course package for details and get stoked!

Getting air
Getting air

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