Do you know someone who's overworked? Is your workaholic sleep-deprived boyfriend or husband in dire need of a weekend away from it all? Our S$300,- voucher will entitle him (and you) to a weekend of priceless bliss and ultimate relaxation.

For starters, the two of you will be staying in one of our cozy and comfy beach-front aircon chalets.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included and served at your beck and call.

And if the gentle seabreeze, delicious meals have left a few work-related thoughts lingering in his mind, then the stunning and soul-reaffirming wilderness just outside your room will clear them in a jiffy. He'll go from stressed to completely relaxed before you can say "natural serenity".

But if you really want to bring out the wide-eyed kid inside him, then you won't go wrong with our S$500,- voucher. This entitles our overworked soul to all of the above as well as a superbly fresh seafood BBQ for two as well as any of the below activities:

- Windsurfing
- Kitesurfing
- Stand up paddling
- Angling
- Wakeboarding
- Snorkeling
- Kayaking
- Hiking up Gunung Arong

Whatever meets his fancy, we'll see him right.

Malaysia Sea Sports Voucher
Malaysia Sea Sports Malaysia Sea Sports
We guarantee you that he'll be smiling from ear to ear the entire journey back home. In fact, to make sure he keeps smiling, we'll not only pick you up from your address in Singapore at the start of the weekend, but we'll drop you off right at your front door on Sunday evening too.

Rearing to go?

Fill out our inquiry form and we'll get back to you with more details in a jiffy.