Malaysia's East Coast is a year-round paradise for sea and land activities, because the weather is generally warm and most of the time it's clear and sunny. In fact, it's unusual to go through a whole day without any sunshine. We do get the occasional quick refreshing afternoon shower, but before the day is up the sun will be out again.

From the sailors', kite-surfers' and windsurfers' perspective, there are two main seasons in this area. There is the NE monsoon, blowing strong winds from December to February. And there is the SW monsoon, which tends to be the time of fresh breezes that kick in most afternoons from May until October.

During the transition periods in between the monsoons, the wind tends a bit calmer. Although that said, some of the best sailing days can be had during the inter-monsoon, when the sky is blue, the sun is out and steady 15-17 knots local breezes develop out of thin air and blow for the entire day.

Number of hours of sun per day
March through to November are the sunniest months

Rain per day
December and January tend to be fairly rainy - and very windy!

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