If you're thinking of going to Indonesia after your Malaysia trip has come to an end, then make sure you visit Pulau Bawah. This drop-dead gorgeous cluster of dreamy little islands is located a mere 150 km from Peninsular Malaysia's east coast.

Pulau Bawah's lagoons is the stuff that glossy travel brochures are made of: Palm-fringed, pearly-white beaches, crystal-clear waters and endless stretches of coral that simply defy description.

Best of all, because of the incredible diversity of Pulau Bawah's flora and fauna, as well as its sheltered location, Pulau Bawah offers world-class snorkeling and scubadiving to both advanced and beginners.

In fact, it's been said that Pulau Bawah is giving Maldives a run for its money. And as someone who has been lucky enough to stay at both Pulau Bawah and Maldives, I can say that in terms of the idyllic sweepstakes, the sheer awesomeness of the snorkeling and the clarity of the sea water, in particular, Pulau Bawah more than holds its own.

Come to that, Pulau Bawah is at least as breathtakingly beautiful as Maldives. At a fraction of the cost of course.

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