Playing sports and having fun on the beach or out in/on the water is a fantastic way to spend the weekend. But please keep in mind that you're in an open area, exposed to the elements, the sun, the heat, as well as storms that may appear out of nowhere. We urge you to keep in mind a few Malaysia Sea Sports groundrules so your awesome weekend will be one you can tell your colleagues and friends about for all the right reasons.

1. Always cover your skin with a high SPF sunblock, at least 30, though 50 is preferred. And reapply regularly. Remember that even on overcast days, the sun's UV rays are still strong enough to cause sunburn, especially since they reflect off the sea surface and even off the sand. And guys, this applies to you too. I know it's not macho to be rubbing lotion all over yourself, but at the end of the day you'll be thankful you did. Oh yes, a hat and a good pair of shades are recommended too. All are available at our in-house boutique.

2. Due to the physical exertion and the fun you're having, you may not notice that you're thirsty and that your body is low on water. To prevent dehydration, muscle cramps or disorientation, always keep a few bottles of water nearby for the kids and yourself. Make sure they take a few mouthfuls regularly so everybody stays properly hydrated.

3. At any time of the day, usually in the afternoon, there may be a squall drifting into the area. If you're sailing and you see a dark mass of clouds move closer, or see lightning flashes, or hear thunder, make your way back to land and find cover in the resort. When you're caught unawares by lightning, don't hide under a tree. Instead, if shelter is close, hurry there. If you're too far from shelter and you're caught in open ground, crouch down, hug your knees and wait for the lightning to ease.

4. If you pulled a muscle, get a cut, or you're not feeling well, please head over to the first aid post. We'll see to it that you're cared for as best we can.

5. Above all, have fun wisely.

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