Emerald and turquoise begets...
Emerald and turquoise begets...

Two night dive trips aboard our vessel are scheduled for any divers to join. Divers must be Advanced Open Water qualified or Open Water qualified with Deep Adventure Dive experience. Trips will be run with a minimum of three divers and a maximum of five. Itinaries and schedules will vary:

...yellow, orange and red begets...
...yellow, orange and red begets...

Sample Itinerary

Day one (Saturday)

Board yacht at Tekek Marina and sail to Soyak for first dive of the day. After the dive, we will sail out to Pulau Tulai, whilst lunch is served. The second dive of the day will be made at Fan Canyon. The yacht will moor up for a beach BBQ on long beach on Tulai followed by a night dive and a few beers on the deck under the stars.

....cobalt and midnight blue.
....cobalt and midnight blue.

Day two (Sunday)

An early dive will be made on Chebe, before moving on to Labas for a second dive. A third dive will be made at Renggis, before heading in to Tekek Marina. Divers will say goodbye to the crew and catch the last ferry home.

Schedules and Prices
Dates   Intended Dive Sites Price pp
TBC Renggis, Coral Island, Tiger, Labas, Sepoi   RM 1,000
TBC Soyak, Teluk Dalam, Bugis Bay, Jahat, Bahara RM 1,000

Prices include three meals, tea, coffee, soft drinks and a sunset punch-of-the-day. There will be two to three dives a day and all diving equipment needed will be provided.

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